Twin Brothers Face Roller Coaster in “Biggest Loser” Back-to-Back Episodes

The physical education teachers dealt with highs and lows

Twin brothers from the Chicago-area are riding an emotional roller coaster on "The Biggest Loser.

Roberto and Luis Hernandez experienced highs and lows on back-to-back episodes on the NBC reality weight loss competition Monday night.

In the first episode, Team Jen led by Jen Widerstrom, a Lisle native, had to pull three food trucks for more than 600 feet. They won their first challenge before it was time to weigh-in.

Roberto, who lost 24 pounds in the previous episode, shedded 9 pounds ending the night at 315 pounds.
Luis followed. The physical education teacher dropped 23 pounds last week and lost another 7 pounds. He weighed 278 pounds.
Team Jen eeked out a slim victory over Team Dolcett, but that sweet taste would soon dissolve.
In the second episode, Roberto shedded 7 pounds and dropped to 308 pounds. His twin, Luis, stepped ont he scale and didn't like what he saw. The P.E. teacher lost 5 pounds clocking in at 273 pounds.
He told host Bob Harper, "I'm disappointed." 
Team Jen lost the weigh-in and came the painful challenge of voting off someone they considered family.
Both Luis and Hope fell below the yellow line. 
During the vote, Harper turned to Roberto for his vote.
A sad-looking Roberto responded, "I can't turn my back on my best friend," he said. Then, he lifted up his plate cover and showed he voted for Hope.
The final vote was one for Luis and three for Hope, eliminating her from the competition.
Luis was spared for another week.
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