Ditto Copycats Abound

Nosek decided against the ditto display this year

Last year, Dave Nosek's neighbor gave him a bright idea: don't compete with his Christmas lights... put a Ditto sign as decorations instead.

"To be honest, I'd like to take credit for it," Nosek said. "But I wasn't the first. My neighbor saw it in a photo last year and gave me the idea."

Nosek arranged a few twisted sets of Christmas lights above his garage into the word “DITTO” with an arrow pointing toward his neighbor, Chet Cybulski. Pictures of the Elburn homes went viral.

This year, there's no ditto sign on Nosek's house, but there are Ditto Copycats. The Atlantic Monthly's Andrew Sullivan ran a photo on his blog "The Daily Dish," Tuesday. Daily Dish editors have not replied to requests for information about the photo on their site.

NBCChicago checked in with Nosek to see if he was unhappy about the idea popping up in other publications. He wasn't.

"I thought it was an old joke," he said. "My wife and kids requested it, but I simply don't have time."

Nosek wasn't the first to do it, but he was the first to have his lighting exposed.

"I was amazed at how viral it went," he said. "I'm glad people are getting a laugh out of it."

When asked if he will ever resurrect the signage, Nosek said, "maybe in a couple of years."

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