Brian Urlacher's Maybe-Lady Talks About Their Maybe-Relationship

After dating heiress and tabloid magnet Paris Hilton, Brian Urlacher knows better than to talk to reporters about his relationships.

His maybe-maybe-not-could-be-because-they-were-spotted-together-in-a-fancy-schmancy-Beverly-Hills-restaurant special lady friend didn't follow his lead. Jenny McCarthy talked about her new relationship with "someone" to People Magazine.

McCarthy was coy about who she was discussing. When asked if she was dating a football player:

McCarthy, 39, joked with a laugh, "I don't know what you guys are talking about. Um, you know, we shall see. I'm taking baby steps ... But I'm giddy right now."

We've been giddy over Urlacher for years, Jenny. The Pro Bowl appearances, forced turnovers and consistent tackling make us happy. We know you have a show to promote. It's your job, and we respect that. Please remember, however, he has a job to do, as well.

That is to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl championship. We've known for years that he is the guy who could do it, if surrounded by the right people. Guess what? Right now, he's surrounded by the right people. Learn from Kristin Cavallari. Tweet pictures of yourself in Bears gear, work on your career, and let Brian do his thing (which is tackling people.)

Thanks, Shutdown Corner.


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