Brandon Marshall: “This Is the Best Move That Could Have Happened”

Brandon Marshall has not been quiet about how he felt about being traded to Chicago. From the beaming smile as he sat next to Jay Cutler at the press conference to tweets about being reunited with his old QB, Marshall has let it known that the Bears are a much better team for him.

Why? Having a talented quarterback is a good start, and he didn't have that in Miami.

"If you don't have a quarterback it doesn't matter who you have out there." Marshall said to a Miami radio station. "You can bring Jerry Rice back in his prime and he's not going to be effective. It makes sense on the business end, and also the fit as far as philosophywise just wasn't there. I can understand the change, and honestly this is the best move that could have happened for both sides."

When with Cutler in Denver, Marshall topped the 100+ reception mark twice. (He actually did it three times, but once was after Cutler was traded to the Bears.) In Miami, he averaged 83.5 receptions while working with a merry-go-round of quarterbacks. Though his yardage numbers stayed up, he wasn't getting the ball as much as he thought he should.

In Chicago, he is the number one receiver, and there's no reason he shouldn't get as many catches as he can. With a quarterback who can get him the ball, Chicago is a much better fit for him. No wonder he's smiling so much. 

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