Brandon Marshall Talks About Chemistry With Jay Cutler

Brandon Marshall was the subject of a lengthy profile in the Chicago Tribune. The reporter who spent four days with the Bears newest receiver found out Marshall's views on many subjects.

For one, Marshall knew he had chemistry with Jay Cutler from day one. There's a reason Cutler and Marshall wanted to be on the same team again, and Marshall appreciates their chemistry so much he has a painting of the pair from a game in Denver.

"A lot of guys don't have that feel for the game. Jay has that feel for the game. I have a feel for the game," Marshall said.

He also talked about the kind of game plan quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates allowed in Denver, possibly giving a sign of the sort of playcalling Bears fans can expect this fall.

"He wouldn't even give us a play. We'll just go out there with no play, and Jay would give me a signal, I would give Jay a signal ... We just had that feel for the game where we'll come out with a game plan -- like, OK, 'They want to do this, we want to do this. This is our counter to that. This is our plan A, B and C."

The trust Bates gave Marshall and Cutler worked, as both put up their best numbers when playing together in Denver. Now, all three are in Chicago, and Cutler and Marshall have grown and matured as players. If Bates sees the same connection, a game plan of trust could be fun for Bears fans to watch.

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