Brandon Marshall Offers To Help Troubled Ex-Lion

Titus Young's father reveals son has brain disorder

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Brandon Marshall has his mind on much more than football this offseason.

The Chicago Bears star told ESPN that he's willing to work with troubled former Detroit Lion Titus Young, who was cut from the team during his rookie season and continues to run into legal problems.

Young's father told the Detroit News that his son "suffers from a disorder caused by his brain being compressed into the front of his skull," and that an undiagnosed concussion last season worsened the symptoms. He also said his son hasn't been taking his medication.

Young has been arrested three times over the past week in California for offenses such as breaking into a home, driving under the influence and burglary for allegedly jumping over the fence of an impound lot to get his car.

Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2011 and has been an outspoken champion of treating the condition ever since.

The Bears wide receiver told ESPN that he unsuccessfully tried to connect with Young months ago to try to get him into the same program that helped him.

He says without the proper treatment, Young's condition will only get worse.

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