Brandon Marshall Invited Back to “Inside the NFL” for Next Season

The receiver spent Tuesdays in New York during the regular season in 2014

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was the center of plenty of controversy in the 2014 season, and few things caused more of a stir than his decision to be a weekly contributor to the show “Inside the NFL.”

Some observers questioned whether Marshall’s appearances on the show affected his on-field play, but despite those concerns, Marshall has an open invitation to return to the program next season, according to a report by Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune

Sherman is quick to point out that head coach John Fox could put the kibosh on a return engagement for Marshall, and Showtime Sports G.M. Stephen Espinoza said that there has been no communication on a second go-around.

While Marshall’s appearances didn’t come on a day where the Bears are usually practicing or installing their gameplan for a given week, it still wouldn’t be much of a shock for Fox to exercise his authority as head coach by refusing to allow Marshall to participate.

Marc Trestman was famous for allowing players to pursue extra-curricular activities (Lance Briggs’ excursion to California for his restaurant opening was a famous example), but Fox is likely going to look at this as an opportunity to show that there’s a new sheriff in town.

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