BP Recalls Gas Sold in NW Indiana

Many BP Gas Stations in Northwest Indiana shut down their pumps after a recall was issued for unleaded gasoline, but it may be too late for some customers.

"When I turned it on, there's a loud ticking," said one customer who had filled up her car at a BP in Hammond, Ind. just hours after the recall was issued. "Like tick tick tick tick. And I didn't hear that before."

The fuel being recalled is from the company's Whiting, Ind., storage facility. It was sold to a number of distributors and may have been purchased by motorists at BP and other retailers in Northwest Indiana during the past seven days.

In Hammond, the BP began shutting down all their pumps and were completely closed by Monday night.

"I hope I don't have problems with the truck breaking down," said a customer named Gwen whose pump was shut down right after she had filled up at a Station in Hammond.

The fuel stored in the tank could cause hard starting, stalling and "other drivability issues," the company said in a statement.

"BP is committed to fuel quality and guarantees every gallon of gasoline we sell.  Any customer who’s vehicle has experienced these symptoms during this period should contact BP’s customer hotline at 1-800-333-3991," the company said.

Some mechanics have already noticed customers coming in with problems before the recall was issued.

"We've changed out plugs and wires and that kind of thing, and some we just clean the fuel injectors," said mechanic Jimmy Head at Mr. Tire in Merriville. Damages to the cars caused by the recalled gasoline cost owners between $200 and $400 for each vehicle, according to Head.

Only regular unleaded gasoline is being recalled and includes gas purchased in the last seven days that was delivered by trucks last week. It's likely that only gas bought in Northwest Indiana at BP's or retailers are susceptible.

"I'd be very upset," said another customer at the BP gas station in Hammond that is now closed. "You're putting the gas in for the car to go, but if your gas is in and it's making the care not go, then we got a little problem."

Shipping records are being reviewed, BP said, and they are working to contact customers who may have loaded tanker trucks.

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