Boy, Oh Cute Boy!

New blog is on the lookout for cute local guys

Let's face it, Chicago winters do nothing for our figures or appearances. It's hard to look cute under five layers of clothing.

So when Spring arrived, Sarah Rodriguez, 24, and Cara Higgins, 25, started noticing the cute guys walking around their neighborhood more often. They'd use their phones to snap a pic or two of attractive men and post them on Twitter or Facebook.

In April, the two young women started a blog dedicated to these good-looking gents: Cute Chicago Boys.

"When we started it was very hard for both of us to do because we would get really shy about it," Higgins told Newcity.

"Guys are way more embarrassed than we are," Rodriguez added. "They'll be all smiley and shy and 'I don't know' and we have to open them up." features photos and profiles of men in their 20s and 30s. The girls include a few details about the highlighted guys, like where they're from, where they were seen and if they're available.

Wait. If they're available?

That's right. The "cute" guys range from single to taken to married to it's complicated.

So what's the point of advertising a cute guy and getting to know him if he's already taken? (If you're just looking for friendships with guys, they wouldn't need to be "cute.")

Even if you are interested in meeting one of these "cute guys," the site does not offer any way to contact the men in question. Rather, the men describe where "you can usually find me." Again, the answers are humorously varied: bars, restaurants, street intersections, "on my bike," and—best of all—"anywhere and everywhere."

So if you want to meet them, happy hunting!

Admittedly, the "cuteness" of the guys is pretty subjective, and we noticed that most of them are thin, student/artist, indie/hipster, North Siders. Fortunately, the site welcomes submissions, so be sure to send some photos and help diversify the selection.  Right now, it needs it.

Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, is not thin, nor a student, nor indie.

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