Boy, 7, Gathers More Than 700 Toys for Englewood Shelter

A 7-year-old boy with a big heart helped garner hundreds of donations for those in need in this Christmas season.

Donald Woods III toted gift after gift into the You Can Make it Shelter in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood after making an appeal on Facebook for the donations. His neighbors, his church, his parents’ co-workers all responded and donated more than 700 gifts.

“It was amazing the way people were responding to him and the way people were caring about him,” Donald Woods, the boy’s father, told NBC 5.

The shelter is struggling to stay open—a safe haven for families that live here.

Shelter director Jacqueline Kennedy-Harris expressed her thanks to Woods.

“Just to see them have the ability to get things that other kids are able to get on Christmas, [it] does my heart a lot of good,” she said.

And how did Woods feel?

“I felt happy,” he said.

Next he’s headed with more gifts to visit the children at Loyola Medical Center, he says.

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