Boy, 12, Loses Wheelchair, Beloved Trumpet to Thief—Until a Good Samirtan Steps In

We often hear about car thefts--but not like this.

The suspect in this case took something so personal and so important to a 12-year-old boy. But strangers are stepping in to save the day.

Video shows a man looking for unlocked vehicles parked along Pulaski in Little Village. The man gets into to this black SUV and soon after is wheeling out a chair and carrying a box.

This wheelchair belongs to Jose Hurtado.

"It’s very sad," his mother, Ana Marine, said.

And inside the box, is his favorite thing -- his trumpet.

The crime was a devastating blow to the sixth grader, who lives with muscular dystrophy. He’s had to squeeze into an old chair to simply get around.

"It is very important for me to have a chair because if I don’t have a chair I won’t be able to push around by myself, around to the places that I go," Jose said.

But Friday night this family received the kindest surprise from a stranger.

"It really did surprise me a lot," Jose said.

That stranger was Robert Larson, a good Samaritan.

"The first thing I thought, how do we get this kid a wheelchair?" he said. "Whatever it takes let’s just make it happen."

Larson heard about the crime and immediately started brainstorming with friends. They were able to get Jose a brand new wheelchair.

And that’s not all, Larson says he’s also replacing Jose’s beloved trumpet.

"As soon as I get it, I’ll get it over here to you and it’s a very special trumpet," Larson told Jose.

Larson's efforts have restored this family’s faith in humanity.

"I’m glad that there are still more people that are good with a good heart than the bad people," Marine said.

As for the man who stole Jose’s trumpet and wheelchair? He’s still on the run.

Police have no suspects in this case.

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