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Cat Saved from Euthanasia Gets New Home

Boots was ordered euthanized by previous owner's will



    Cat Saved from Euthanasia Gets New Home
    Georgia Lee Dvorak and her cat, Boots

    A cat by the name of Boots, ordered euthanized by a former owner's will, has a new home and a new opportunity to live out his nine lives.

    Trust officers with Fifth Third Bank carrying out the 1988 will of the cat's deceased owner, Georgia Dvorak, successfully challenged a provision in that will requiring all pets in her possession when she died to be euthanized.

    After the challenge, the officers gave Boots to Cats are Purrsons Too, a no-kill shelter in Chicago.

    Boots was picked up Wednesday by Diane Maxwell of Missouri. She was one of 27 people who applied to adopt the cat, to be taken to its new home, according to the Chicago Tribune. She is the cousin of Fifth Third personal trust director Jeff Schmidt, the Tribune reported.

    Dvorak's was concerned her surviving animals might not be treated well after she died, neighbors told the Tribune.