Boot-Shaped Christkindlmarket Mugs Get the Boot at This Year's Event

Christkindlmarket unveiled their special edition mugs for the 2017 season, but fans may be disappointed that a popular feature of the past didn't make a return this year. 

Two different mugs, which can be purchased to hold gluhwein or hot chocolate at the month-long festival, were unveiled, and neither feature the iconic boot shape of the mugs of years past. 

One of the mugs, a maroon and gold cup, is shaped as a "punch kettle," according to organizers, and the other features a snowman and is white and blue in color. 

From 2005 to 2012, all but one of the festivals featured a boot-shaped mug that became famous, and the design was brought back for the 20th anniversary edition of the festival in 2015. 

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