“Book of Mormon” Takes on Chicago

Musical production on stage until June 2 at Bank of America Theatre

One of the most popular musicals in history began an extended Chicago run on Tuesday.

"Book of Mormon" is on stage at the Bank of America Theatre from December 11 through June 2.

The musical is created by the two minds behind the "South Park" cartoon, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are known for pushing the envelope.

"Oh, it's offensive, we didn't set out to make it offensive, but we're just offensive people so it just came out a little offensive," Stone said.

The production has one nine Tony awards including "Best Musical" during its New York run. Ben Platt, who plays Elder Cunningham in the production, says he's surprised at how well the show has done.

"I love that at the same time it's both raunchy comedy and it's got all that South Park hilarity but it's also a sincere love letter to musical theatre," Platt said.

As for the raunchy themes, the creative duo never worried about offending the Mormon church.

"The church is pretty awesome and they're really good at PR, and they said exactly what they should have said, which was something like they live in the same country we do that allows us to have this religion," Parker said.

Tickets are sold out through March 3rd, but seats remain for performances through June 2.

There's still a chance at getting into one of the earlier sold-out shows. A daily pre-show drawing will make a limited number of tickets available for $25 each day.

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