Book a $9 Flight

New airline offering cheap seats

We're not going to pass judgment on John Weikle's business sense but who can argue about the idea of getting a $9 airline ticket.

Weikle will be launching a new airline called JetAmerica in July.  A cheap ticket to destinations like South Bend and Toledo may not sound all that exciting but the entrepreneur says he will also fly full-size jets to tourist traps like New York and central Florida.  

Weikle's plan is to take advantage of people looking for deals as the economy improves.

"His timing is actually pretty good," said Vaughn Cordle, a former airline pilot turned market researcher told the Chicago Tribune.  "Unfortunately, airlines serving those small markets very rarely make it. He will not get economies of scale or scope."

His last venture, Skybus, was a Skybust and folded in less than a year after losing millions of dollars. 

JetAmerica will be a fleet of one at launch. And if you want to take advantage of the deals, move fast. The $9 seats are only available to the first nine ticket buyers on a flight.  Destinations will include Newark, N.J., Toledo, South Bend, Lansing, Mich., and Melbourne, Fla.

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