Boil Order Lifted For Plainfield Residents After E. Coli Testing

17 schools were closed after E. coli was found in the village's water supply

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Officials in suburban Plainfield say that a boil order has been lifted after E. coli was found in test samples of the village's water supply.

According to the latest updates, 40 more samples were collected over the weekend, and no signs of Coliform or E. coli bacteria were found, leading officials to lift the boil order.

Residents who wish to take extra precautionary steps can flush water lines by running hot and cold water for several minutes from fixtures. Residents can also dispose of ice cubs, clean faucets and aerators, and to replace or clean filters o n faucet filtration systems.

"For us, it’s not just as simple as bringing in bottled water or asking kids to bring in their own food, their own snacks," said Hernandez.

Plainfield School District 202 is the fifth largest school district in Illinois, according to Hernandez.

Students who attend the affected schools transitioned to e-learning at home, according to officials.

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