Rush Only Illinois Congressman Not to File Re-Election Petitions


Representative Bobby Rush is the only Illinois Congressman not to file his petitions for re-election, but this isn’t the first time that he’s put off filing.

In his re-election bid for the 2016 race, he waited until the very last day to file his petitions. If he chooses to do that again this year, Monday would be the last day that he can turn them in to be eligible for the March ballot.

Despite the delay in filing, those close to the congressman, including community activist Hal Baskin, say that "he's in.” Even Rush’s Congressional colleagues have asked him if he is retiring and he has told them no.

Rush's son Flynn Rush has not filed yet either, but he is circulating petitions for the first time to replace State Rep Barbara Flynn Currie, as she will not be seeking re-election. Some skeptics have insinuated that there could be a switch in plans for Rush, but those whispers remain rumors as the deadline date approaches.  

If Rush does wait until Monday to file, it would mark a milestone in the congressman’s life. It’s the anniversary of the police raid when Fred Hampton, leader of the Black Panthers, was killed in a police raid in 1969. Rush was also a member of the Black Panthers.

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