Actor Bob Saget Opens Up About Relationship With Chicago Reporter Kelly Rizzo

In a new interview, comedian Bob Saget opened up about his relationship with Chicago food reporter Kelly Rizzo.

Saget, who most recently appeared on the Netflix original series “Fuller House,” admitted in an interview with Closer magazine that he didn’t think he’d have a relationship again, but that changed when he met Rizzo.

“My daughters love her!,” Saget said in the interview. “She’s a remarkable person, and she’s really talented.”

Rizzo, who runs the website Eat Travel Rock, moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to be closer to the comedian, and according to the Chicago Tribune the couple has been spotted at several hot spots in River North.

“Bob and I met through a mutual friend in early 2015,” Rizzo told Michigan Avenue magazine earlier this year. “I don’t really see him as Danny Tanner. To me he’s just Bobby, my love.”

Saget, 61, was married previously to Sherri Kramer, with whom the comedian had three children during a 15-year marriage.

The couple has appeared in an episode of “Eat Travel Rock” together, and Rizzo also posted a picture of the couple on Instagram in honor of Saget’s birthday:

“I’m happier today, and I’m the youngest 61-year-old I know,” Saget told Closer. 

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