Bloomingdale Doctor Accused of Choking Physician Assistant, Pointing Guns in Office in Lawsuit


A Bloomingdale doctor is accused in a lawsuit of choking and grabbing a female physician assistant working for him, and bringing guns into the office and pointing them at her and other employees.

On one occasion, Dr. Greg Sharon “forcefully slammed” the physician assistant’s head backward, “hyper-extending” her neck and causing her to nearly flip out of her chair, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County.

The assistant said she reported the incident to her employer, AdventHealth Medical Group Asthma & Allergy Center, but they “refused to take any disciplinary action” and “continuously denied this incident ever occurred,” according to the suit.

The woman’s attorney, Michael Leonard, said she also filed a police report but no charges were brought.

Sharon, an allergist and immunologist, leads the Bloomingdale-based practice where the assistant worked from June 2021 until February 2023, when she was placed on administrative leave and eventually fired.

The lawsuit alleges Sharon would “routinely engage in gender-based touching” and would “from time to time physically strike or grab” the assistant. He did the same to other female employees but never engaged in that type of behavior with male employees, the suit states.

In June 2022, Sharon approached the assistant from behind while she was sitting at her desk and put her in a chokehold, according to the lawsuit. The assistant was able to put her hand up and grab his arm, and he let go without saying a word, the suit states.

A month later, Sharon yanked the assistant’s neck backward, according to the suit. Nothing was done when she reported the incident, the physician assistant said.

Sharon also brought firearms into the office several times, pointing them at the assistant and other employees, the lawsuit states.

The assistant said she complained internally about Sharon’s “illegal possession and use of firearms.” The company admitted Sharon did at times bring firearms into the office, according to the lawsuit, but it contended the doctor did not point them at anyone.

Sharon’s daughter works as the office manager for the center, and the lawsuit alleges this is one of the reasons why no action was taken.

The assistant said she was placed on administrative leave in February and fired in March “in retaliation for her internal complaints.”

The suit accuses Sharon of battery and misconduct, and contends he and the medical organizations violated the Illinois Gender Violence Act and Illinois Human Rights Act.

AdventHealth did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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