A Few Snags, But Mostly Praise for City from Rescued Drivers

For many who were either rescued from their vehicles or abandoned them along Lake Shore Drive during Tuesday's storm, Thursday brought a reunion of driver and car. 

And despite a few snags -- some vehicles weren't located exactly where the city said they'd be -- drivers were quick to praise the first responders who rescued them and not-so-quick to criticize the city for allowing them to be on Lake Shore Drive.

"I'm just happy I got my car [and] I'm fine.  It was a horrible night but everyone I encountered was great," said June Odell.

Vehicles that were towed off of a snow-clogged Lake Shore Drive since Tuesday were taken to any of seven city lots.  Owners' jobs of finding the cars was made much easier when a website detailing license plate numbers and locations went online.

But that didn't help everyone.

"The list said Foster and Lake Shore.  I've been there already, so they sent me over here.  It's not here," said a frustrated Jonathan Silber at a parking lot at Montrose. 

Silber ultimately found his vehicle -- back at Foster -- but had nothing but praise for the city and its employees.

"My wife can't walk.  She was with me and we couldn't leave our car.  When I was really feeling fear come over me, walking through the dark was a solitary fireman and we knew we were saved," he said.

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