McDonald's Giving Away Epic Prize in ‘Bling Mac' Contest

If you’re a fan of creative prose and world-famous hamburgers, then McDonald’s has a contest for you.

The restaurant chain is holding a competition where fans of the Big Mac sandwich are invited to post an ode to the burger on social media.

The contest, being held on Twitter, is asking for Big Mac fans to write their ultimate vows” for the iconic sandwich, and the prize is a pretty remarkable one:

Called the “Bling Mac” by the restaurant chain, the ring is valued at $10,000 and is one of a kind, according to the restaurant. McDonald’s will also provide a check to the winner to help cover the cost of taxes for the ring, bringing the total value to just over $14,000.

Entries will be judged on creativity, what McDonald’s calls “love and affinity for the Big Mac,” and how funny the entry is.

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Contest entries will be accepted beginning now, and will be judged between Feb. 19 and 28, according to the company. 

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