Blago's Book Signing Provides Gag Gifts Galore

Students at the signing seemed interested only in the novelty of Blago's Hancock

Gag gifts.

That's what Rod Blagojevich was signing today when he launched his book tour at a University of Chicago book store.

Upwards of 50 students and staff -- plus quite a few reporters -- showed up for the signing, but most of the students seemed interested merely in the novelty of Blago's signature.

One student, Jon Razi, received Blago's signature on both his book and a copy of the U.S. constitution. On the constitution, Blago wrote a choice phrase heard on the surveillance tapes from his indictment.

“The rule of law is sacrosanct, nay it is more, it is f’n golden.”

The former Governor says he was happy to “be nice to the kids who are buying (his) book.”

He also tried to win over students saying that when he’s governor again, it’ll be all A’s for everyone.

The signing came on the eve of the one year anniversary of his indictment.

Today federal prosecutors announced they would revise the corruption charges against him to avoid a delay in the trial. Blagojevich said he would leave those details to his lawyers.

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