Blago Home Off the Market

The 13-room estate in Chicago's Ravenswood Manor neighborhood hit the market last October

With her husband recently reporting to prison, Patti Blagojevich has taken the family home off the market.

"Patti believes it's best for [daughters] Amy and Annie to avoid the stress of showing a house during a time which has already been filled with so much upheaval," said Glenn Selig, the family's spokesman and publicist. "Showing the home is just too much for the girls to go through right now."

The 13-room, 3,817-square-foot Mediterranean-style estate in Chicago's Ravenswood Manor neighborhood hit the market last October, with an list price of $1.07 million. The family was ordered to use the home as collateral for a $450,000 bond against Illinois' former governor.

Selig said the home was "temporarily" off the market.

The couple had said the home was for sale last July, one month after Blagojevich was found guilty of corruption on charges that included government shakedowns and attempts to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat.

"It's not just a house that we're selling. It's our home. We've lived here since 1999. It's the only home that out children have ever known. It's kind of sad, and you know, I'm more sad for our children who definitely don't want to leave," Patti Blagojevich told NBC Chicago at the time.

Her husband reported to Federal Correctional Institution Englewood in Littleton, Colo. on March 15. The Bureau of Prisons has his release date listed as May, 23, 2024, a little more than 12 years from now, and in line with federal guidelines which mandate he serve at least 85 percent -- or 11 years, nine months -- of his 14 year sentence.

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