Blago Retrial: Daily Journal 5/10

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2:14 p.m.:  In November 2008, Rod Blagojevich was frustrated that then-congressman Rahm Emanuel was being less-than-attentive to his needs. He was expecting Emanuel to approach him about a replacement for his own position in the 5th congressional district.

"This (expletive) Rahm's gonna come to me for help in the 5th. (Expletive) him! You know what I mean? All a one-way street with that little (expletive)! (Expletive) him!"

12:13 p.m.:
On one phone call, Blagojevich's Washington D.C. political advisors strongly suggest to him that making Obama's pick, Valerie Jarrett, to the Senate might be the best move in the long run. In the words of one voice on the phone during a conference call, Blagojevich would get more out of it "by not poking your finger in the eye of the next President of the United States, who's from your home state."

Blagojevich doesn't like that advice. "You do Obama's person, you get nothing for it," he says. "Why not put my own person in there? Then I'll have someone in there who's grateful."

11:38 p.m.: In a conversation with Doug Scofield, Blagojevich frets that Lisa Madigan will be given a position in the Obama Justice Department. He worries that would put Madigan in a position to play a role in the ongoing federal investigation of his administration.

"So now that she's that, and she's (expletive) pushin' this Rezko (expletive) on me."

10:28 a.m.: 
The infamous "[Bleeping]Golden" tapes were played for the new jury. "I've got this thing and it's [bleeping] golden, and I'm not giving it up for [bleeping] nothing," the former governor said on the tapes.

10:10 a.m.:
Former deputy governor Doug Scofield is on the stand. He was a deputy governor in the first Blagojevich administration but left to start his own public relations firm. Scofield says he left because he had "concerns about the directions the administration was going," especially the influence of fundraisers Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly.

What to Expect Today:

Tom Balanoff, a top union official, continues to testify Tuesday. He took the stand Monday and talked about how Barack Obama had indicated before the election that he wanted Valerie Jarrett as a White House adviser, but that she wanted to be a senator instead. Balanoff said he tried to convince then-governor Rod Blagojevich to name Jarrett to the seat but was taken aback when Blagojevich suggested he would like to become U.S. health and human services secretary in return.

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