Blago Beat Goes On

Reality show, book, indictments to come

Rod Blagojevich didn't get this much attention when he was actually the governor of the nation's fifth-largest state.

Fresh off his stint as a guest host on WLS-AM on Wednesday morning, a source tells Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed that "a reality show is being discussed by [Blago's] inner circle." 

You mean we haven't already been watching a reality show? 

Sneed's second item today - after the reality show bit - is that "a federal grand jury may be asked to indict Blagojevich, his wife, Patti, and his brother Robert today."

Oh yeah, there's a federal criminal investigation going on! 

But back to the Blago show.

"We are focusing on all kinds of things," Blago's PR guru Glenn Selig told Sneed. "But there is nothing beyond talk. Not even a reality show . . . He is focusing on his book, despite the fact he joked he's only on Page 3."

Maybe it's slow-going because he hired a fact-checker.

Meanwhile, it's not just Patti and Robert who are in jeopardy. The actual indictment of Blago is expected soon - and it's likely to contain more pages than Blago's book will. It might even be a better seller.

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