Want To See Blackhawks-Bruins In Cup Finals? Prepare To Pay

The hottest ticket in Chicago currently costs an average of $1,422.03.

That's the going rate for Blackhawks fans to see their team take on the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals at the United Center, according to TiqIQ, a New York City-based company that aggregates tickets sold on StubHub, Ticketnetwork, Ticketsnow and eBay.

If it sounds like a lot, consider this: Fans paid 26 percent more for Hawks games during the 2010 Cup Finals, when the average ticket price was $1,923.13.

Chris Matcovich, vice president of data and communications for New York City-based TiqIQ, said the average ticket price for all four possible home Hawks games are as follows: $1,131.82 for Game 1, $1,196.62 for Game 2, $1,668.77 for Game 3 and $1,917.77 for Game 4.

Comparatively, the average price for all possible Bruins home games is currently $1,380.38, a 29.78 percent increase from their Stanley Cup win in 2011.

Hawks fans also are willing to stand. Matcovich says the current average for standing-room-only tickets is $278.34. That tops out during a possible home Game 4 at $711.02.

How much are you willing to pay for Stanley Cup tickets, Hawks fans? Tell us below.


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