Blackhawks, Kings Agree to Pizza, Jersey Bet on Twitter

The teams agree to a signed jersey going to the winner's charity, as well as a pizza

There's two things you don't mess with in Chicago: Our pizza, and our Blackhawks.

Whenever two teams get together in a playoff series, it’s traditional for them to make friendly wagers on the outcome, and the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings are no exception.

The two teams challenged each other in a recent exchange on Twitter.

At first, the Kings suggested a bet that would have the loser of the series changing their Twitter avatar to the other team’s logo, as well as embracing the other team’s hashtag during the Stanley Cup Final. The Blackhawks’ social media team, however, thought of a different idea:

The Kings agreed to the exchange, but with the added stipulation of a pizza changing hands. Chicago agreed, but, as expected in a city known for its za, the team added their own catch:

Who will win the wager is still up for grabs, but we're willing to bet Blackhawks fans will rally behind their team, especially after an exciting Game 1 win.

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