Blackhawks Fourth-Most Valuable Franchise in NHL

Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks’ resurgence has been one of the biggest stories in sports over the past seven years, and that rise to prominence has continued to yield dividends both on the ice and for the team’s bottom line.

According to new NHL franchise valuations by Forbes Magazine, the Blackhawks are the fourth-most valuable franchise in the NHL, worth approximately $825 million. The Toronto Maple Leafs top the list, with a worth of $1.3 billion, and the New York Rangers ($1.1 billion) and Montreal Canadiens ($1 billion) also finished just ahead of the Blackhawks.

While they aren’t the most valuable American team, the Blackhawks do have some reason for optimism, as their valuation increased by 32% from last year. That is the second-highest rate of growth in the NHL, trailing only the New York Islanders’ sale-boosted 54% rise from last season. The Blackhawks also rank fourth in the league in revenue, with $172 million coming in last season.

The one question we don’t know the answer to is whether or not that surge in value means that the team is turning a profit. According to team owner Rocky Wirtz, the team still lost between $10 and $20 million despite winning the Stanley Cup in 2013.

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