Will Jig for Stanley Cup Tickets!

Whenever the Dropkick Murphys play at the United Center, you'll see Chris Pisani

His name is Chris Pisani.  But Blackhawk fans know him as "the guy that does the jig in the 3rd period."

Whenever the United Center blares the song "Shipping up to Boston" by the DropKick Murphy's -- made famous in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, "The Departed" -- you'll see him.

When the Irish music begins, Pisani jumps into the aisle and starts doing his version of the jig.

"It's an interpretive dance," Pisani said laughing.  And the crowd loves it.  So much he's quickly becoming a YouTube sensation for his "rally  jig".

But not just anyone can do it as well as he, so Blackhawk officials will seek him out before they play the song. If he's not there, it doesn't get played.

"I started doing it last year, randomly was picked up on the Jumbotron," Pisani says ... and its taken off.

Now the post-season spotlight is on Pisani, who is on injury leave from the Chicago Slaughter arena football team.  He can't play football right now, but he can dance.  There's just one problem.

"I'm not a season ticket holder."

So that means, no tickets for the Stanley Cup Finals.

But he's willing to dance for admission.

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