Iowa's Field of Bings

Iowa is the only U.S. state that prefers Bing

It's a pretty safe bet that you Googled today.

Unless you live in Iowa, that is. Then you probably Binged.

Bing Commercial

The Hawkeye state is the only place in the country where Bing, the Microsoft search engine, is more popular that market-leader Google, according to a Time poll.

A whopping 75 percent of people in the state that's home to Des Moines Bing while only 25 percent are using Google, and apparently no one at all uses Yahoo or Lycos or one of the other hundreds of search engines available.

In Illinois 84 percent of searchers Google. Just 8 percent Bing.

The results of the poll maaaay be a little skewed, though. According to the same survey, Bing's prefered by 75% of respondents worldwide. That result's in stark contrast to numbers reported by search firm NetApplications, which says Google was used for 78% of all searches in July.

Looks like Iowans know what they’re talking about. Or maybe they just like the snappy commercials.

We say give it time. If we start hearing “bing” used as an everyday verb – “I totally binged it, and it’s definitely a fact” – then we’ll know for sure that it’s reached success.

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