Ready, Set, Bike to Work

Annual celebration of two-wheelers begins Monday

You've probably seen them. Those bikers who head towards downtown along the lakefront path every morning, sometimes just as the sun is coming up over the lake.

Some do it daily, turning to their two-wheeled transportation in lieu driving or taking of public transportation. Well, now's your chance to join them (as much as the regular riders might hate that).

Today starts "Bike to Work Week" in Chicago, and our biking mayor will wrap up the week of wheelies with a "Bike To Work Rally" on Friday, June 19. 

There's a T-shirt and free breakfast involved in that event, but the real reward will come with just doing it, as our friends at Nike like to say.

If you live too far to make a ride to work realistic, Metra is participating in a number of smaller events at various stations.  Ride your bike to the Metra station (suburbs included) and visit one of the Bike Commuter Stations for free coffee, chain lube and tire fill-up.

There are loads of special events planned for the week.

Not fully sanctioned or fully-clothed, the annual Naked Bike Ride took place in Chicago on Saturday.

While it might not be for everyone, St. Mark's Epsicopal Church in Evanston is holding a Blessing of the Bikes on Sunday, the 14th, at 9:30 a.m.

Check out the calendar of events for more chance to enjoy this one week of two-wheeled fun.

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