Joe Biden

Biden Cancels State Fair Speech: Illinois Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden will no longer be speaking at the Illinois State Fair, according to the Illinois Democratic County Chairs' Association.

In a Facebook post late Tuesday evening, the group’s president, Dough House, confirmed that Biden, who originally had planned to speak at Democrats Day, wouldn’t be attending due to health reason.

“Everyone who knows Vice President Biden knows that he gives our party and our country his all, but unfortunately he is sick and is under doctor’s orders not to travel,” House said.

Biden could not be immediately reached for comment.

“The cancellation is of course disappointing, but it is clear that the circumstances are simply unavoidable,” House’s statement reads. “We all hope he gets well soon and I’m sure he’ll be back campaigning for Democrats in Illinois and across the country in no time.”

House also said the event, which he described as the “largest brunch in our history” will continue regardless of Biden’s absence.

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