Beyonce Shout-Out Boosts Chicago Bike Shop

Heritage Bicycle General Store's Michael Salvatore was monitoring his bike shop's web traffic this week when suddenly he noticed something out of the ordinary.

"All of a sudden it was just spiking. I looked at the referring link and it was," Salvatore said.

He went to the popular web site and saw the link to his North Side shop spotlighted on the homepage.

It's unclear whether Beyonce actually bought a custom bike from the store, but the recommendation from the popular singer has been good for business.

"From what I hear, her publicist says she rides on a weekly basis," Salvatore said. "I don't know the exact details of how she came about Heritage, but hopefully we can send Blu Ivy one so she can get on her bike and roll with her mom."

Salvatore says he doesn't actually own a Beyonce album, but now plans to be one of her biggest fans.

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