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Two in Custody Amid Rash of Beverly Attacks



    Two in Custody Amid Rash of Beverly Attacks

    Two young people were in police custody Friday night being questioned in connection with a rash of robberies in the Beverly neighborhood.

    Among the victims are the children of at least two police officers, including the daughter of former officer Jim Mullen, who is now known for Mullen's Apple Sauce.  Mullen became a quadriplegic when he was shot in the line of duty in 1996.

    "It was very scary for all the kids," said Mullen, whose daughter was attacked Sunday afternoon.

    One teen who wished to remain anonymous said he was among more than a dozen victims who were shown photo layouts and line-ups at Area 2 headquarters on Friday.

    Several attacks, all occurring between May 7 and May 18, prompted police on Thursday to issue a community alert urging residents to be on the lookout for a group of men who surround their victims, attack them and steal money, cell phones and other valuables.

    "He turns and pins me on the ground and he's like, 'Give me what you got,'" recalled Albert Alfano, who was jumped last month while taking an evening jog.  "It was a struggle for like five seconds. It was really fast."

    Alfano said he was saved when someone drove by and honked the horn of the car. 

    "Emotionally, I'm like, 'Did this just happen?'  I'm like two blocks away from my house."

    Authorities haven't determined whether Alfano's attack was related to those in the last two weeks, but Alfano's mother hopes the incident motivates Beverly residents to be more vigilant.

    "I'm not so concerned about solving this case.  My son, luckily is OK.  What I'm more concerned about is the constant nature of the crime in our area," said Michelle Alfano.