Betty Loren-Maltese Files $40 Million Lawsuit Against Pretty Much Everyone


'Ugly Betty" Loren-Maltese has filed a lawsuit against 27 people involved in her corruption trial and stint in jail, says Michael Sneed in the Sun-Times.

The suit, which alleges Maltese's rights were violated, was filed against U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, former lawyers, four Chicago judges, federal prosecutors, the U.S. Department of Justice and the estate of federal prosecutor Mitchell Mars, who died last year.

She's now shacking up in a Vegas halfway house -- located across from Circus Circus -- and also sued her sister, Pat Rand, who has custody of her Maltese's daughter, Ashleigh Rose, 12.

Maltese, now 59, was released from a California prison in August, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Maltese is destitute and was recently forced to ask the Feds for permission to get her clothes from her Las Vegas home, which the Feds have seized, according to Fox TV contributor Anne Kavanagh.

Feds also seized her Chicago home.

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