Bettervite Gets a Little Help from Your Friends

No matter what happens with Groupon, it has, at the very least, sparked a number of startups that look promising. The latest: an aggregator that intends to make money from the deals. 

Chicago-based Bettervite consolidates the best daily deals from an area into one platform. It also lets recipients promote deals received to their social circleof friends, turning deals into “commission makers.”  
Their slogan: "We would like to pay you to plan events with your friends." Sounds good to us.
It institutes a rewards program that lets users accrue “Betterbucks” for cash redemptions - kind of like AmazonLocal, but a little different because it refers friends to events. The cash rewards can be used directly by the members, or forwarded to their favorite charity.
"Bettervite was born out of the frustration we felt as we tried to coordinate events and deals with our friends," says Milburn Miranda, CEO of Bettervite. "Instead of getting daily emails from multiple providers, shoppers will appreciate how we consolidate the best local deals and transform those deals to rewards-opportunities."
The company is currently in a pre-launch phase, and is making good use of social media with its Facebook page and Twitter account.
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