Better Business Bureau Offers Cyber Monday Safe Shopping Tips

Cyber Monday generated nearly $6.7 billion in sales last year

With Cyber Monday offering huge discounts and deals to online shoppers, the Better Business Bureau is offering tips for shoppers to stay safe and avoid common scams.

Sales on Cyber Monday reached nearly $6.6 billion last year, and could be even higher this year as more shoppers embrace the convenience of shopping on their computers or mobile devices.

“With the convenience of online shopping also comes the risk of identity theft,” Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB CEO Steve Bernas said. “BBB urges consumers to be especially vigilant when shopping online by making sure you know exactly who you are buying from before confirming your purchase.”

Here are some tips the Bureau is offering consumers this holiday season:

Be Careful of Phishing Scams: Clicking on unfamiliar links can potentially open your computer up to malware or identity theft, so always verify where a link is directing you before clicking on it.

HTTP and HTTPS: That little “S” in the prefix of a website link can mean a lot, as it means that the website is secure.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Shop With a Credit Card: Debit cards offer some protections, but credit cards often offer even better protection for consumers in case they are hit with a fraudulent charge.

Hackers Like Kids’ ID’s: Encourage your children not to share too much personal information online, as hackers like to open credit lines in the names of kids who don’t have a credit history.

For more tips, and for a quiz that can help test your “digital IQ,” you can visit the Bureau’s website.

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