8 Chicago Pizzas Named Among 101 Best Pizzas in America for 2016: Report

Gino's East vía Facebook

Chicago pizza lovers might be disappointed by the Daily Meal’s latest list of Best Pizzas in America.

That’s because iconic Second City zas don’t make the top 10, or even the top 20.

While cheesy creations from a number of beloved Chicago pizza restaurants are ranked in the top 101, the first local eatery to make the list was Pequod’s, which took the no. 24 slot thanks to its deep-dish pizza with sausage and pepperoni paired with a “secret sauce.”

Coalfire Pizza’s margherita follows at no. 28 with Gino’s East’s cheese deep dish close by at no. 33 and Piece’s pepperoni and banana peppers at no. 34.

The top saucy pie in the country, according to the Daily Meal, is found in Brooklyn, home to Di Fara’s Classic Round Pie – a combination of mozzarella, parmesan, plum tomato sauce, basil, olive oil, sausage, peppers, mushroom and onion.

Other Chicago pizzas to make the list include:

  • No. 43: Giordano’s Classic Deep Dish topped with mushrooms, green peppers and onions
  • No. 54: Pizano’s Rudy’s Special, a deep dish-style za made with mozzarella, sausage, mushroom, onion and green pepper
  • No. 55: Vito & Nick’s Sausage
  • No. 67: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria’s Chicago Classic, a deep dish pizza with sausage, butter crust and mozzarella
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