Best Friends from Chicago Win Ellen’s Skybox Video Challenge, Get Special Treatment on Show

A group of friends from Chicago who go by the name of the Keykrew won a special trip to see “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in an entirely new way.

The group appeared in Tuesday’s episode after their video was selected as part of Ellen’s Skybox Video Challenge, giving them the chance to sit in the new Skybox and attend a 12 days of giveaways taping.

The six best friends – Denis Luebke, Eric Somogyi, Brian Johnston, Christian DeKnock, Joseph Gambino and Jose Perez -- submitted a video dubbed “Carol of the Ellen,” in which they sang a holiday song about DeGeneres to the tune of “Carol of the Bells.”

“I loved this,” DeGeneres told the group during the show. “I thought it was great.”

The group told the famed host they never expected they’d win the contest, but appeared very excited to be in the skybox.

They were also each gifted with special “Ellen” T-shirts.

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