Sen. Bernie Sanders Says ‘Chuy' Garcia Should ‘Take a Look' at Chicago Mayoral Race

Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted Thursday that Jesus "Chuy" Garcia should "take a look" at the Chicago mayor's race.

"Adding my voice to those who think Chuy Garcia should take a look at the Chicago mayor's race," Sanders tweeted.

Sanders endorsed Garcia last year for his campaign to replace Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who also threw his support behind the commissioner after revealing he would not seek re-election. 

"'Chuy' Garcia is the right person at the right time for the work we have ahead of us," Sanders said in a 2017 letter to supporters. "He is ready and willing to stand up and fight for the working families of Chicago and our nation and take on the powerful special interests who have far too much power over the economic and political life of our country. He is also an experienced legislator who has risen up the ladder of Chicago's brawling politics. That makes him well groomed for jumping into the House's rough and tumble political battles."

Garcia ran for mayor in 2014.

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