Yearbook Brew-ha-ha

Beer-gripping photo reportedly not in version of yearbook cleared for publication

Someone slipped a beer into New Trier High School yearbook.

The snapshot included in the 4,000 copies of the Trevia shows a photo of two students, one of whom has a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in her hand.

"Clearly, the content of the picture and its inclusion in the yearbook are contrary to our principles and values as a school community.  Administrators are investigating how and why the inappropriate picture was included, and we will take appropriate disciplinary action when we find the responsible individuals," said Supt. Lina Yonke of the New Trier Township High School District.

School spokeswoman Laura Blair told the Chicago Tribune that the photo was not in the yearbook when the adviser cleared it for publication, indicating someone sneaked it in afterwards. Blair says "it's clearly defiant and subversive and intentional."

Possible consequences for the students involved could range from a school suspension to charges of underage possession of alcohol.

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