Bears Sign Rashied Davis, Again

Getty Images

The Bears have reached out to a familiar face to fill a newly vacant receiver spot of the team.

Chicago on Monday signed receiver Rashied Davis a day after Devin Thomas announced he was retiring from football.

The team traded away Davis last year for free agent and former Dallas Cowboy Sam Hurd, who ended up arrested in December on federal drug charges after a six-month investigation into his alleged Dallas-to-Chicago cocaine operation.

Davis doesn't appear scorned by the move and told reporters Monday he's excited for another chance on the team

Those who remember Davis from before his departure recall he's the kind of player known for consistency and being flexible, whether it's filling in for an injured receiver or rallying his teammates during the lockout.

Davis was with the Bears for six seasons and on Monday signed to a one-year contract with the team. Training camp continues in Chicago.

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