Bears Receivers Not Named Brandon Marshall Not Pulling Their Weight

When the Bears traded for Brandon Marshall, Chicago thought their receiver troubles were over. Finally, they had the No. 1 receiver they desperately needed. Not only would he be the top receiver, but his presence would take the pressure off of other receivers who couldn't shoulder the load.

Half of those things ended up being true. Marshall is already breaking records as a Bears receiver. With three games left to go, he has 1,342 yards and 101 catches. He finds ways to make catches that someone wearing a Bears uniform couldn't in recent memory.

The group of people who haven't come through? The other receivers. During Sunday's loss to the Vikings, both Devin Hester and Kellen Davis dropped catchable passes. Hester's could have turned a game-changing touchdown. Over the season, Hester has been targeted 39 times. He's caught 23 of those passes. Earl Bennett, who was sidelined by a concussion on Sunday, is 24-43. Davis is a shocking 17-41.

As the season wears on, Marshall has been targeted more while the rest of the receiving corps has seen their touches dwindle. With them not actually catching the balls, can you blame Jay Cutler for mostly relying on Marshall? It's easy to blame the Bears' losing skid on the defense or injuries, but it would help if the receivers catch the balls thrown at them.

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