Bears Quarterback Justin Fields: ‘I Hope We Get a Dome'

Justin Fields: 'I hope we get a dome' originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Justin Fields declared his future stadium desires on the "Pardon My Take" podcast on Barstool Sports

"I hope we get a dome," Fields said on the podcast. "I don't care if we're at Soldier Field, I don't care if we're at Arlington Heights. I hope we get a dome."

Fields explained his dismay with Bear weather, especially when having to deal with the wind. He said it's difficult for him to run faster and he feels slower when it's colder out. 

If that isn't enough motivation to start working on an indoor stadium, I don't know what is. 

"Yes, it is very difficult to adjust to it, especially with the wind," Fields said about adjusting to colder weather being from the south. "That's what I found out. That's what it's all about, is the wind. It can be cold. It can be 10 degrees. But, with no wind you're fine. But with that 15 mile per hour wind, that 20 mile per hour wind, you can't fight it, it's tough.

"When it's that cold, you have to bundle up. I feel way slower in that cold. It's hard to stay warm in that weather."

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The Bears are currently working on closing on the land they agreed to purchase back in September at Arlington Park. They mentioned during a town hall meeting just before the holidays they planned on constructing a dome atop their stadium in Arlington Heights. 

The city of Chicago, however, has also pitched the idea of constructing a dome over Soldier Field that would cost millions, if not billions, to create for the Bears. The idea, along with a slew of other pitches, was cast in hopes the Bears would not leave their downtown location. 

Rest assured, the Bears are on their way out of downtown Chicago and will have a stadium to call their own. And that stadium will have a dome to protect the team from the harsh winters in the city. 

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