Home Away from Home: Which Bears Players Have the Best Rooms in Bourbonnais?

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For the three weeks before the NFL season starts, the Chicago Bears make their home at Olivet-Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. This means every member of the team lives in a dorm room, though the players are free to personalize the rooms as they see fit. Which player has the best set-up? Grizzly Detail sought to found out.

One thing is clear: the older they are, the better they know how to outfit their room to survive training camp. Punter Adam Podlesh said long snapper Pat Mannelly, the longest-serving Bear, has the room set-up down.

"It's his 16th camp," Podlesh said. "It's not his first rodeo. It's like a science for him. He's got his big-screen TV. He's got his snacks, supplements, everything he needs. He's got his bed set up. He's got posters up. He's got a recliner. He's got it all. You look at mine, and it's a barren landscape."

Alshon Jeffery said Armando Allen's room is best because he has so many gaming systems. Devin Hester is in his seventh camp, and Major Wright said Hester's room is downright cozy.

"Devin's got a pretty good room. Pretty cozy, got his rug down, got a couch in his room. I don't even try to compete. It's a room to go to sleep, wake up, that's it," Wright said. 

Joe Anderson is in his second training camp. He has been turning heads with his play this season, but it's the nice rooms in the dorms that turned his head.

"Them guys! They've got the razzle dazzle going on! Brandon, Peanut. They got it all juiced up. Me? The way I walked in there is the way it looks now. No TV. I don't even watch TV."

Rookie Khaseem Greene said he is too busy studying the playbook to see other rooms. His room is spartan.

"Mine is dull. It's a room. I brought two pillows with me, and some covers."

If he sticks with the Bears long enough, he'll learn from the older guys. Sometimes the comforts of home are worth bringing.

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