Bears Make Case as Illinois’ Team in Facebook Fan Map

Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are frequently cited as the team that has broader support in Chicago than any other, but apparently their appeal isn’t just limited to the Windy City.

According to a map that reveals Facebook fandom of teams, the Bears are by far the dominant team in terms of Illinois fans, with only a small portion of the state supporting the St. Louis Rams. The Bears also command portions of northwest Indiana, and even have a county in Michigan they can claim as their own.

Here is a full map of the teams:

The Green Bay Packers understandably dominate Wisconsin, with an interesting split in the upper peninsula of Michigan dividing between the Packers and the Detroit Lions. The Dallas Cowboys lay a serious claim to the “America’s Team” moniker, with Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico all colored with a deep shade of blue. The Cowboys also boast a huge fanbase in Nevada and in parts of Idaho and Oregon.

Only one team, the New York Jets, doesn't have a majority in a single county in the United States. 

Out of all of these teams, which one are you most surprised by? The Broncos’ popularity in Montana and South Dakota stood out to us, but we’re curious over which team fared better than you expected, or perhaps worse.

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