Bears Getting Acclimated to London

The Bears have touched down in jolly old London, after a 7 1/2-hour flight that crossed over six time zones.

Which left plenty of time for some rest.

"I think the guys are pretty tired," quarterback Jay Cutler told NBC5. "We had a pretty quiet flight. "I think most everyone got to sleep on the way over which is important."

Brian Urlacher expressed curiosity at the differences in culture -- and vocabulary.

"I saw one of my jerseys at the airport. A lady had it. She called it a shirt. 'Will you sign my shirt for me?' It was a jersey," Urlacher said.

While Urlacher is taking a business-like approach to the trip, Devin Hester is taking advantage of the chance to experience a new country.

"This is my first time coming over here. I got an opportunity to bring my mom, my wife and my aunties. Whenever you get a chance you got to take advantage of it," Hester said.

Some of the players got a chance to play around in a cricket oval, but make no mistake. The only sport they're concerned about in England will be played on a 100-yard field on Sunday.

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