Bears Fans Rank Highly Among NFL's Best

The Chicago Bears may not give their fans much bang for their buck, but according to new figures released by Nielsen and Forbes Magazine, their fans still stay loyal to the team despite that high Cost Per Win.

That’s because the Bears rank 10th in the magazine’s list of the NFL’s Best Fans. The metric, which takes into account Hometown Crowd Rank (how many fans in the team’s hometown root for them), TV Audience Rank, Stadium Attendance Rank, Social Media Rank, and Merchandise Rank, gives a look as to which fans are not only loyal with their time and their passion, but also with their wallets.

The Bears are tied for first place in the Stadium Attendance Ranking, but they struggle in a couple other areas. In social media circles, the Bears rank 21st in the league, and they are in 14th in terms of the percentage of Chicagoans that root for the team. They do have the 12th-best TV audience according to the rankings, and their merchandising is in the Top-10.

Unfortunately for the Bears, the top team on the list is one that is all too familiar to their fans: the Green Bay Packers. Their NFC North rivals boast an 84 percent Hometown Crowd percentage (meaning that just 16 percent of fans in Green Bay aren’t Packers fans), and they boast a massive following on social media, with 4.4 million fans on Facebook and over 700,000 followers on Twitter.

The New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys are the other three NFC teams represented in the top 10 of NFL fanbases.

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