Bears Bites: Jared Allen Embraces Role as Leader with Team

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In this midweek edition of Bears Bites, we take a look at a defensive player who is establishing himself as a leader, a couple of takes on Lance Briggs’ absence from practice Monday, and a plea from one columnist for the Bears.

  • We start out with Jared Allen, whose veteran presence on a defensive line with plenty of young players is already paying dividends for the Bears. Some good stuff here on his approach to the upcoming season from Adam Jahns. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Are you worried about the Bears’ offense? That may not be the best use of your emotional capital, but if you’re fretting about Jordan Mills’ foot, you may have a point. [CSN Chicago]
  • Take one on Lance Briggs: his absence shows more about Marc Trestman than it does about the veteran linebacker, according to David Haugh. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Take two: Thank God for Lance Briggs. At least this gives the Chicago media something to talk about in the run-up to Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. [ESPN Chicago]
  • This season will feature plenty of attention from media and fans on Jay Cutler, and rightfully so. One columnist says that it’s time for him to grow up and show us all what he’s made of. [Daily Herald]
  • He’s talked a lot on the radio about the things about the Bears that are stressing him out, and while many experts have been able to soothe his fears a bit, Dan Bernstein is still taking a glass half-empty approach to the team. [CBS Chicago]
  • Finally, Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker was busted for amphetamine use and suspended for four games by the NFL. According to reports, Welker took the recreational drug Molly at the Kentucky Derby in May, and it was laced with amphetamines. Welker issued the requisite “I always take great care about what I put in my body” and conveniently ignored the fact that he had ingested an illegal drug. [Shutdown Corner]
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