Bear Bites: Lovie on Hanie, Martz and Forte

Good morning and welcome to Bear Bites, your morning round-up of Bears news. Read on for stories about Lovie sticking with Hanie and Martz, Forte's future, film study on Lance Louis, the defense's next challenge, and who will carry the ball now that Forte's been injured.

  • Lovie Smith is sticking with Caleb Hanie. (Chicago Tribune)
  • He also expects Matt Forte to return from the knee sprain. (ESPN Chicago)
  • Taking a closer look at film from Sunday shows that Lance Louis had a terrible game. (Chicago Tribune)
  • The Bears defense has Tim Tebow in their sights. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Speculation on Mike Martz's future irks Lovie Smith. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Take a look at the Bears new running back tandem. (CSN Chicago)

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